September 7, 2017

The Din of Culture

Watkins Graduate and a recent transplant to New York via Brooklyn,
Quinn Dukes returns to Nashville for an installation at Twist Art Gallery.

Artist Statement
“I am a continual observer, fascinated with human interaction and its
correspondence to wild life.  On my daily walks through the streets of
New York, I observe humans interacting with their “planned” natural
environment along with the consoling flight and behavior of reckless
pigeons. The pigeon represents that which is not contained in an
otherwise contained environment. As a southern native accustomed to
witnessing daily wildlife, the pigeon is now the substitute for the fawn
crossing the path.

Through the act of performance, my work offers a metaphorical solution
to a personal narrative, concerning the human / animal experience
amidst a natural and industrial environment. The work presented in
The Din of Culture presents the arduous struggle between these co-
existent dichotomies.”

Boutique Space

In our affordable art boutique in the back room, you will find a variety
of work by local artists. These small scale purchases are a great way to
start a collection or support your favorite artist. Visitors may peruse an
ever-changing assortment of original works as well as some fun limited-
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